What is Phlatlight from Luminus?

Phlatlight from Luminus is a illumination technology for HDTV devices wich is available today.
Phlatlight Leds replace conventional bulbs like Cathode Fluorescent Lamp (CCFL).

Phlatlight from Luminus using patented photonic lattice technology, Phlatlight LEDs combine the power of laseres with the benefits of solid state lighting enabling an entirely new calss of HDTVs that provide superior color and image quality, are more environmentally friendly and last forever.

New Samsung Slim Depth LED Enging 87 & 89 Series available in 50″, 56″ and 61″ with Phlatlight technology. Samsung HL-T6187S, T6189S, T5687S, T5689S, T5087S, T5089S.
We’ve taken the best features from our LED DLP model from last year, which uses Luminus’ PhlatLight technology, and combined it with our new Slim DLP design to create six new models to deliver one of our most innovative product lines yet,” said James Murphy, senior director, Consumer Electronics Division, Samsung Electronics Canada. “By incorporating the performance advantages and energy efficiency that PhlatLight LEDs provide, we are able to bring more value and flexibility to the consumer and produce one of the best viewing experiences available on large screen HDTVs today.”

The new models are illuminated using a single PhlatLight PT120 red, green and blue LED chipset, which was specifically designed and optimized for use with the Texas Instruments xHD5 1080p DLP chipset. The PT120’s RGB LEDs combine to produce more than 1,600 white lumens. The PhlatLight chips can be rapidly pulsed, eliminating the color wheel. This enables the Samsung TV to cycle colors 16 times faster than a standard color wheel system, creating a smooth, stable color and superior motion
quality. Luminus