3D Television Introduction

For the past 15 years, Philips has been at the forefront of 3D display technology. In that time, we have developed the expertise necessary to provide 3D quality both for specialized and mass-market applications. In this backgrounder, we will show you how 3D technology works and explain why the approaches of Philips 3D Solutions are particularly effective.

The next massive breakthrough in TV technology 3D has been demonstrated by Philips. The technology which will change the way TV is viewed will deliver a massive breakthrough for advertisers and movie makers.
3D is cool!
Having a night in with your friends? There is no better way of watching the latest movies, the coolest shows, and the most important sporting events, than in an exciting 3D mode!!

3D is going to be big!
There are great opportunities for consumers, as well as business and the professional market. Just imagine what 3D can do for the visualization of your product.

3D is the next big thing!
Hollywood is already shooting some big productions in 3D. They also know that soon, everybody will want to see their favorite movie in 3D!

Grab viewers attention and bring your content alive with WoWvx technology!
Imagine what Star Wars would like on a 3D screen! It’s like being there, in a Galaxy far far away yourself! And try to resist that freshly squeezed glass of orange juice springing out of the screen!