Sonys Field Emission Technologies Inc. company

Sonys new company for FED-Displays is called Field Emission Technologies Inc. (FET). Sony invests 2,520 million yen (about $22 million), 63.5 percent of which will be financed by the Tokyo-based technology carve-out fund represented by TechGate Investment. Sony will invest the remaining 36.5 percent.

The carving out method is used to spinout a business from a company with the support of the company. Third parties typically own the majority of the equity to enable independent operation from the parent company.

Sony intends to review the feasibility of FED technology in 18 months. If potential applications are proposed by FET, Sony may decide to re-absorb the company. But that is considered unlikely because if FET develops a high quality display, it would compete directly with OLED, which Sony has positioned as mainstream.

“The company can do business independently from Sony,” said the Sony spokesman. “Its mission is to propagate FED technology. The fact that the third party fund heavily committed the company is the proof of the value of the technology.”