Samsung Space Monitor: great for small spaces

While not OLED-related, Samsung’s Space Monitor is interesting from an industrial design perspective. The name probably doesn’t mean what you think: It’s made to save space on your desk thanks to a minimalistic stand.

The display is available in two sizes: 27 inches with QHD resolution and 31.5 inches with 4K resolution. But what’s really interesting is not really the panel but the stand.

It is fixed in the table top and certainly brings about some decent savings of desk surface. As you can see in the picture above, it can be completely pressed flat against the wall if you want to, but also at the bottom of the table if that’s what you need.

Power and HDMI cables can be integrated into the arm, thus solving yet another problem. 

The price tag is $399 for the 27″ model and $499 for the 31.5″ variant. It will be available from late February 2019.

In all its simplicity, I really love how this monitor solves what should really be a non-problem. It keeps your desk tidy when you want to work with something else than what’s currently on the screes. On the other had you can have it really close and intimate when the opposite applies. Why has it taken until 2019 to come up with this?

Anyway, Samsung has posted a video that explains the functionality a little better than just a simple picture: