Barco show gigantic NX4 3D LED-Videowall at ISE-2011

At the ISE-2011 Barco and Lang AG shows off a gigantic 3D LED-Videowall.

The Barco NX-4 is the best 3D LED Videowall i ever saw, the leds has a phenomenal black level, its seamless & lightweight consistent uniformity over time.

The NX-series have set a new standard for indoor LED displays by offering the deepest black levels available on the market, and pairing this with a phenomenal contrast ratio of over 4,000:1. With a light output of over 2,000 Nits and native 16-bit color processing, it is sure to deliver the pinnacle of image quality in any indoor setting.

Technical Details
Modular curve: 1.3°
Total curce: 90°
2240×504 pixel, 4,66 mm pixel pitch
70×14 modules without rentalframe
Outer dimension: 10.453mx2352m
Power: 37W each
Signal Source: DVC Venice, native 2240×504 pixel

The Barco NX4 S3D features:
Stereoscopic 3D with 120 frames/sec
Active shutter glasses
S3D without loss of resolution
Full 2D compatible:
NO polfilter or any other optical modification for S3D
origin brightness
origin low light reflection level