What means MDDP?

MDDP = Micro Device Display

Four leading companies have established the Micro Device Display Consortium (MDDPC) in order to widely publicize the features and advantages of Micro Device Display Projection Televisions (MDDP) among consumers, retailers, industry experts and the mass media. The new consortium is aimed at promoting the growth of MDDPs and boosting public awareness of the Technology.
This Consortium want to produce rear projection systems under the name "MDDP" Micro Device Display

Cosortium founding members:
Arisawa, Epson, JVC, Phlips, DLP (Texas Instruments)

MDDPs use micro display devices such as high-temperature polysilicon (HTPS) LCD, DLP®
technology and liquid crystal on silicon (LCOS). As a TV application, MDDP TV sets first began
to appear in the market around 2004. MDDP TVs outperforms conventional CRT projection
televisions in brightness, high resolution, wide viewing angle, light weight and superior design by
a wide margin. As MDDP TV sets offer high value cost performance based on their high image
quality and large screens, they have gained a particularly strong following in North America.