TDEL = Thick-Film Dielectric Electroluminescent Display

The TDEL iFire Technoloy is forced from The Westaim Corporation has investments in flat panel televisions. Westaim's strategy is to maximize return on investment by partnering with established leaders for effective.

iFire Technology is a research and development company that has developed a flat panel display with low cost and high performance potential. The technology, called thick dielectric electroluminescent (TDEL), is expected to offer superior video performance characteristics and a projected cost advantage over other flat panel display technologies. iFire’s proprietary TDEL technology is positioned to become an affordable, high performance alternative for the flat panel television market.

iFire expects to commercialize its technology in partnership with major industry players, and plans to target the 30- to 50-inch screen size television segment in partnership with major consumer electronics companies.

IFire has partnerships with Sanyo and DIA Nippon Printing Company.