We inform about the newest Flat-TV and display generations like LED-TV OLED (organic light emitting diode), SED-TV (Surface Conduction Electron emitter display), FED (field emission display), Laser-TV and QDLED quantum-dot-based light-emitting devices

Sony set focus on LCD and OLED-Tv

Sony will exit the rear projection TV category to focus on flat-panel LCD TV after current inventories of its 3LCD- and SXRD-based products are exhausted, a company spokesman confirmed.

IVY external hard disk with OLED

IVY is an external hard disk which shows the content of the hard disk on its skin. When no data is stored on IVY, its skin will remain blank.

Novalux Sells Silicon Valley Wafer Fab

Company Outsources “Necsel” Wafer Processing to Ramp-Up for High-Volume Consumer Display Applications.

Sharp vs Samsung

Japanese electronics maker Sharp sued Samsung of South Korea Wednesday, alleging patent violations for liquid crystal displays.

Design concept PMP portable with OLED

Mathieu Pesme & Jeff Castel has designed a concept portable media player with a subsurface OLED widescreen and a simple dropped bevel around the bezel to wind your headphones in.

Future Flat-Tvs at CES-2008

Mitsubishi has announced to show a Laser-TV prototype at CES-2008. Maybe we see also some product roadmap.

Laser-TV are on the way and debut in 2008

Investors Business Daily reports that Mitsubishi is likely to make a Laser TV launch announcement at next month's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Etri shows clothes with OLED

In the future, applications of flexible display will be expanded to our daily life ranging from a tie, a hat, a wallet and other small lifestyle products.

QPC Gets $12 Million Development and Production Order for Laser TV Applications

QPC Lasers, a company in the development and commercialization of high brightness, high power semiconductor lasers for the consumer, industrial, defense, and medical markets, announced that it has won

Laser TV launch delayed

Laser TV was supposed to debut this Christmas and relegate the humble plasma to the scrap heap, but now it is unlikely that we will be able to buy one before at least 2009 in Australia.

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