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'Organic Radical' Rechargeable Battery from Japanese Scientists

Drs Hiroyuki Nishide, Hiroaki Konishi and Takeo Suga at Waseda University have designed the battery - which consists of a redox-active organic polymer film around 200 nanometres thick. Nitroxide radical groups are attached, which act as charge carriers.
The battery has a high charge/discharge capacity because of its high radical density.

Dr Nishide said: "This is just one of many advantages the 'organic radical' battery has over other organic based materials which are limited by the amount of doping. Read the full story...

MK6100 musikit - with removable OLED screen

Parrot has launched the MK6100 musikit - a hands-free car kit with the ability to play MP3 files on your car's speakers from any Bluetooth/A2DP source and featuring a removable OLED screen. Read the full story...

Jabra BT8010 Stereo/Mono Bluetooth Headset

The Jabra BT8010 consists of two pieces; the mono unit, which has the OLED display and all the buttons, and the stereo unit, which is the secondary earpiece that connects to the first via a flexible cable. When left unattached, the mono unit looks like most other Bluetooth headsets. It is slightly large (measuring at 2.4 by 0.5 by 1.0 inch) but that's probably due to the 0.8-inch scrollable OLED display on the front. We really like the appearance of the display--the blue characters look nice and bright when compared to the dark background. Read the full story...