We inform about the newest Flat-TV and display generations like LED-TV OLED (organic light emitting diode), SED-TV (Surface Conduction Electron emitter display), FED (field emission display), Laser-TV and QDLED quantum-dot-based light-emitting devices

3DFusion Debuts the 1st Broadcast Ready, Glasses Free 3D Display at the Digital Signage Expo

3DFusion (3DF) is proud to debut the first market launch of its 3DFMax™, stereoscopic Glasses Free, Broadcast Ready 3D display platform at the Digital Signage Exposition 2009. 3DF has designed a 3D NO Glasses, AOOH AD Network Turnkey & Kiosk package, which is a dedicated, customized unit for the digital signage industry.

Mitsubishi stops temporarily production of LaserVue HDTVs


Mitsubishi temporarily suspends production of LaserVue HDTVs.

Panasonic want to bring 3D Full HD to Blu-ray by 2010

3D TV could be the next big thing for the Flat-TV industry. So Panasonic announced that it will opening a an advanced authoring laboratory in Hollywood.

Based in Universal City the new 3D labs will work towards establishing a 3D Full HD (3D FHD) Blu-ray format and will carry out development work directly with Hollywood studios offering 3D title development services for 3D FHD Blu-ray titles.

What is a QDLED?

What are quantum dots and why are they important? Quantum dots are nanometer-sized, inorganic crystals that create light when stimulated with photons or electrons.

Samsung Luxia LED LCD TV at CES-2009

Powered by LED technology, Samsung is at the crest of a high definition sea change. Utilizing efficiency of light emitting diodes has created a new class of HDTVs with slimmer designs, higher contrast ratios and drastically improved energy savings.

Mitsubishi Laser TV at the CES-2009

Mitsubishi shows off the L65-A90 world first Laser Television.

LaserVue has been introduced as the most energy efficient large-format, high-definition television available on the market today. LaserVue not only delivers two times the color of many of today's HDTVs, but it also uses exponentially less power than LCD and plasma TVs.

SED Television from Canon is back!

Very Good News for SED-TV Freaks!

Tsuneji Uchida, Canon's president, told the FT: "In regards to SED, we have a new production process we're working on which is cost competitive with liquid crystal displays."

Sony shows Gran Turismo on a 19-inch FED Display with 240 fps!

Sony shows a playable demonstration on a 19 inch FED Display (Field Emissions Display) developed by Sony, with a frame rate of 240fps (240 frames per second). Gran Turismo 5 Prologue has already achieved a frame rate of 60p (progressive), but in this demo, Gran Turismo was made playable at four times this frame rate at 240fps.

Mitsubishi L65A90 65-Inch LaserVue listed on AMAZON

The Worlds First Laser-powered Television Mitsubishi L65A90 65-Inch LaserVue Rear Projection HDTV is now available at AMAZON.

Mitsubishi announces Retail Availability of World's First Laser-Based Television LaserVue

Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America, Inc. today announced the beginning of the laser era and the immediate availability of the world's first, laser-powered television.

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