Mitsubishi LaserVue 65" L65-A90 HDTV Laser-TV World Premiere

Mitsubishi is beginning to ship out the first 65 inch Laser-Tv L65-A90 to their retailer!In Texas, San Antonio's at Bjorn Mitsubishi ship out the first Laser-Televison devices.
The LaserVue L65-A90 is a high-end HDTV, and it's got the specs to match. The 65" display sports 1080p resolution with "Plush1080p" up-conversion for lower resolution signals. You also get 120Hz image interpolation tech, dubbed "Smooth120Hz." It uses Mitsubishi's 6-color processor with the new LaserVue Light Engine to produce two times the color of any other consumer HDTV. That's close to 200% of the color gamut for BT.709, the standard for High Definition television content. All Infos prices and more pictures here:

LaserVue Infos report:“Our experience with Mitsubishi’s newest tech was great, but we’re reserving judgment until we do some in-depth testing with some different source material and in a more suitable viewing environment to get a better idea of real-world performance.”