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Arasor acquires Novalux Inc

Arasor International (ASX:ARR) has acquired the assets of Novalux Inc to leverage its joint venture with ZTE in China.

Novalux Show Home Theater JVC Projector with Necsel Lasers at CES 2008

Novalux, Inc., developer of Necsel™ laser technology, will demonstrate a proof-of-concept JVC home theater laser projector during the 2008 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), January 7-10

Osram signs 'laser TV' deal with Coherent

Osram to develop RGB laser technologies, based on Coherent's designs, for consumer devices such as "laser TV" and mini-projectors.

Coherent has signed a licensing agreement with Osram to allow the use of Coherent's optically pumped semiconductor lasers in consumer laser-based projection displays.The license allows Osram to develop and deploy red, green, and blue lasers using Coherent's intellectual property in consumer applications such as projection television and so called pocket projectors for hand-held devices.