Mitsubishi LaserVue new Videos

Thanks the global recession, Laser-Tv does not become mainstream in the next months/years? So nothing to report new about LaserVu e from Mitsubishi. We have some new videos and reports for you about LaserVue check it out:

Mitsubishi LaserVue TV production continues

For a couple of weeks Mitsubishi stopps the production of the L65-A90 the first Laser-Television.

Mitsubishi stops temporarily production of LaserVue HDTVs


Mitsubishi temporarily suspends production of LaserVue HDTVs.

Mitsubishi Laser TV at the CES-2009

Mitsubishi shows off the L65-A90 world first Laser Television.

LaserVue has been introduced as the most energy efficient large-format, high-definition television available on the market today. LaserVue not only delivers two times the color of many of today's HDTVs, but it also uses exponentially less power than LCD and plasma TVs.

Mitsubishi L65A90 65-Inch LaserVue listed on AMAZON

The Worlds First Laser-powered Television Mitsubishi L65A90 65-Inch LaserVue Rear Projection HDTV is now available at AMAZON.

Pioneer PRO-151FD Kuro vs Mitsubishis 65 inch LaserVue

For comparison's sake, we pitted Mitsubishi's LaserVue 65" against the Pioneer PRO-151FD Kuro 60" Plasma. They're in roughly the same price range ($6999 for the Mitsubishi vs.

Mitsubishi LaserVue 65" L65-A90 HDTV Laser-TV World Premiere

Mitsubishi is beginning to ship out the first 65 inch Laser-Tv L65-A90 to their retailer!In Texas, San Antonio's at Bjorn Mitsubishi ship out the first Laser-Televison devices.