HDI begins Manufacturing of High-Definition Laser-Driven 2D/3D Televisions

Low-Cost, Extremely Energy Efficient 100-inch Diagonal Displays Fast-Tracked for 2010.

100 inch 3D Laser-Tv prototyp from HDI

HDI a Los Gatos startup unveiled the world's first 100-inch 3D home theater powered by lasers.The engine uses LCoS panels and comes from Microdisplay.

For the laser light source, HDI has developed a laser module that contains a red, green and blue laser, each having an output of 1 Watt.

QPC Lasers and customer Asia Optical introduce 60-inch Laser-TV

"QPC lasers" a world leader in the design and manufacture of high brightness, high power semiconductor chip-based lasers for the consumer electronics, industrial, defense, and medical markets, today a