32 inch TMOS Prototyp from Philips at the IFA-2008

Philips shows at the IFA-2008 a TMOS prototyp FULL HD 32 inch and this prototyp is only 8mm thin.

What is TMOS?

The company’s TMOS display prototypes, which debuted at the Society for Information Display’s (SID) DisplayWeek in May, provide current LCD panel manufacturers a better way to build displays by reducing materials costs and delivering superior performance.

Results from UniPixel’s lab tests found that the TFT-TMOS display operational voltage has been reduced to less than 12 volt operation—allowing TFT panel manufacturers to use existing TFT processes to design TFT-TMOS backplanes. TMOS display pixel actuation (shutter speed of an on-to-off pixel) was measured to be less than two (2) microseconds. Leveraging this tremendous speed, TMOS systems have been measured running in excess of 150 frames per second of video output.

These characteristics fall in line with the TMOS system modeling that UniPixel has conducted and demonstrate that TMOS’ display system electro-mechanical performance should not face barriers to any display applications and are capable of providing superior system performance that exceeds LCD display technology.